Sunday, September 30, 2012

#281 Spring 2012

left to right: old floral wreath (diva), topshop satin bralet, neon spike + necklace, stripe + pleather stud cuffs all from diva, CO Body briefs, OPI Skull & Glossbones, Khiel's Lipbalm, Peripera Lipstick, Forevernew gloves.

It's been crazy in the context of my absolute crazy-amount of laziness and slug-life attitude.
Exams have crept up so slowly, I can't believe they're in two weeks! Hopefully I'll be able to get someone to take snaps of my outfits more often when uni is over :)
For now, I leave you with a photo of my newest wardrobe additions + older stuff I'm itching to wear as the weather gets less windy and the sun acts up!

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