Monday, September 10, 2012

#279 i am a fail snail

1. Rekorderlig is now my favourite cider brand! yumyum! 2. homemade watermelon & strawberry juice 3. almond milk hot chocolate 4 & 5. chandeliers and food at The Winery 6. outfit on Friday 7. Locomotive St at ATP 8. NEW claw ring we just got in store! (Diva)

Got my shitty grades back- GAH. I am so ashamed (because I am asian and therefore my expectations are freaking above and beyond). It's been really busy on my end and I'm so glad I spent most of my (just past) midsem break catching up on sleep at home. Currently getting frizz-frazzled- applying for post-grad, volunteering (PERU! YES!), meeting with supervisors and catching up on uni work (which I have yet to do).
If you're a fan of jewelry you should definitely head out to your nearest Diva cause we just got a load of funky new stuff in! This claw ring is just one of the many items I unpacked on Sunday! :)

take care and slap on some sunscreen! Spring is here!!!

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