Saturday, August 11, 2012

#277 WOO

1. cashmere jumper, Sportsgirl shirt, UNIQLO leggings, Rubi shoes, diva necklace 2. new purchases from diva (neon, rose gold spike, gunmetal cuffs, blue spikes) 3 & 4. Alexander Wang wristlet, ORLY nails, RMK heels. 

not ready for upcoming midsems :( BUT! have been shopping and eating out copiously to forget about the looming exams - it's a short-term solution for now :)
thinking of seriously dying my hair lilac or candy floss pink. and by my hair i mean all of it; as in my whole head! argh i'm a little wary of exposing my hair to so much bleach though.

have been searching for some internships and applying for masters degrees and volunteering! just got a confirmation that i've been accepted as a volunteer for animania yay! i'll be a friendly face at the entrance table :) looking into doing some overseas volunteering but will have to see if i get a job offer first! 
there was a recent bushfire close to my area so please keep safe and be wary of the wind! xx

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