Saturday, August 04, 2012

#275 catching memories in cutlery

1, 2 Tapas and sangria at Casa Asturiana, 3 break from work calls for a tuna snack and mocha, 4 lemon lime bitter @ Norita, 5, 6&7 work outfit: H&M dress, Sportsgirl shirt, dazzlin platforms, stockings from Japan.

Been busy catching up with work and friends, dinners out and spending money! Still getting into the uni-groove and not very successful. Photos from last weekend and monday - to be honest, i don't really like sangria (but me and my friend finished the jug with success).
Tried some korean rice wine last night- only drink it with sprite or the taste will make your face scrunch- but it's not as bad as soju i suppose.

keep warm! xx

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