Friday, July 27, 2012

#274 cashing in my bad luck

sister's pleather jacket, DIY silver tank, supre skirt, Dangerfield eye stockings, diva cuff (gold ver)

mango skirt, stockings from Japan!, Topshop lace-ups (in black)

vintage blazer from ebay, zara knit, diva necklace, uniqlo jeans

denim shirt from shibuya 109, tank from thailand, wake jeans, socks from Ginza, old lacoste sneakers

Photos: 1. outfit for UNSW medsci cruise- in an effort to 'dress up', 2. second day of uni - waiting for the bus, 3. outfit for eating with the fambam!, 4. i take the most awkward tourist photos ever!

This is just a little update on what I've been wearing ;) Since it's winter now, it's an effort to get out of bed, let alone dress nicely or take a photo of it! next post will be dedicated to food! ate some tapas last night and tried sangria (i'm not a big fan). Feeling super happy because I JUST GOT MY P2 LICENSE! (no more curfew! yay!)

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