Thursday, June 14, 2012

#270 waiting for something more

trade secret buttonup, kmart gold pants, uniqlo zipup hoodie, colette clutch, aldoxchristian cota boots
outfit from mum's birthday dinner; went out the campsie for some Malaysian cuisine~

aldo x christian cota boots
so happy to finally get these! Saw them back at the beginning of the year and was so excited when i found them on sale in my size!!!! It was fate- the pair of boots I wore that day started to fall apart!

biggest friggin curry puff ever!

YUMYUM! pineapple stuffed rambutan drink

images of the backyard on a sunny winter day

lunch @ yama with vicky love! 
zaru soba noodles, agedashi tofu, salmon sashimi, vegetable udon

macarons from lindt!
pistachio, vanilla, hazelnut and dark chocolate.

Currently dying from study and boredom and stress. Don't be like me and leave studying the whole course til a few days before the exam- especially if its anatomy and pathology.

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  1. the gold pants are just so good!
    yum macarons! x