Sunday, May 27, 2012

#268 High tea with mum!

A shout out to Kate! I'll be sending your present tomorrow! So sorry for the delay- but I've been swamped with exams lately!

Today I finally gave my mum the HIGH TEA EXPERIENCE :)
She loved it, yay! Already making plans to go again but somewhere different! This past week has been stressful and annoying but there were some highlights.
Met up with the bestie for a lovely dinner and MIB3 (which was awesome), caught up with some friends and had waffles for the first time! :)
Now I'm off to study some histology slides and finish my HCV lab report! Ta~!

the interior of the tea room, QVB

mummy is passively excited...

red roses tea

our afternoon tea tier...not a good photo, the food is barely visible :(

more pictures of my awesome tea

sneaky outfit shot while my mum buys some boots (behind me haha)

more outfit shots!
minkpink dress (worn as shirt), CUE skirt, dotti belt and jacket, correlli boots

bankstown yumcha!

my little sis reppin' her house colours in a hotdog suit

iced decaf coffee

tutti frutti waffles @max brenner

shoes on sale!!!


  1. Aww I love high tea :) I've only ever been to one before, with my best friend and we both loved it. Thanks for the headsup on the prize, I can't wait till it gets here!

    1. High tea is delish! ;) If you ever come down to Sydney, The Tea Room at QVB is one of the cheaper options :)