Monday, May 21, 2012

#267 if things go wrong we can knock it down

Forever new shirt, SODA pants, Rubi shoes, diva accessories

Current polish: Butter London Old Blighty

random shots of the city and closer to home

lunch at pendolinos!


chocolate vienna

New York Cheesecake

beef burger & fries

lychee longtime and berry cocktails

Been a bit busy lately. Final exams in two weeks and prac exams in one week and they're piling on a whole bunch of last minute assessments before we finish the semester. :(
Last week was spent lazying about, sleeping, skipping some uni and eating out with old friends!

On Monday, went to Pendolinos (the Strand) for a late lunch then trekked around city to end up at my fav coffee cafe for some cake love!
Tuesday was spent bitching about group work and group members (i just love group work), Wednesday was spent working and Thursday skipped uni for some sleep catch up.
TGIF; Friday went to lab then trekked out to the city to meet my lovely friends (who will be traveling off soon) for some lunch and cocktails @ ambar. The cocktails were amazing and yes, i did turn the stereotypical asian-drunk-red for about 30mins or so. 
Trekked back to uni for a group meeting, found out it was cancelled, slept in the library, then met with a friend for dinner.

All in all a pretty hectic week for me. 
Sunday we went out for yumcha! It was so good I forgot to take photos!

take care & snuggle up for winter! xx

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