Monday, April 16, 2012

#260 winter is comin

the cozy fireplace 

would you wear these in winter??? i think NOT.

sportsgirl shirt, asos pants, rubi boots, diva necklace and armcandy

OPI Malaysian Mist

valleygirl fake-suede shirt, lemoncookie jeans, diva accessories

what I got from Glebe markets!

                                                           lunch for today; spaghetti and wakame

waiting for the train; topshop slippers/loafers, uniqlo jeans

First day back at uni after midsemester break (one week only- i want to cry) consisted of rushing my sister out the door and running to the train then a leisurely stroll to the bus. Fast forward to the last 10 minutes of my anatomy lecture and I am dropping off to sleep....(oh bones of the feet why make me so sleepy?!) Went home then took a nap and woke up in time to catch The Voice AU on tv! :D

This past week, the weather's been getting colder (note- fireplace) which is great cause I love winter but not so great because here comes the acne! Thankfully the rain hasn't started.
On Saturday we went out to Glebe markets and trolled around. As I have yet to be paid- I could only afford these amazing stockings- they have little black card suits on them teehee! Dug out my 4 yr old jeans (that haven't been worn since last fall) and they still fit like a dream. :)

Work was work but awesome cuz of my awesome new pants! Do they suit me? They're very comfortable but tight around my waist (I got a UK4) which just means I have to watch my eating when I wear them. I finally have caught up on the floral trend! Late but who cares? 

These next few weeks I have about 4-5 major assessments due so studying is a must- so wish me luck! 

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  1. shellface, you're so cute :P

    i love the outfit with the sportsgirl top and asos pants ^^
    you're such a model now! <3