Thursday, March 08, 2012

#249: Coffee Hunting

So! Revamping the blog in the sense that......I am updating properly! With pictures :)
Third year of uni now- time flies so fast! I'm really scared for my job security and grades now- i've lost so much sleep worrying it's not even funny. 

Tomorrow is the end of second week and I've already missed 2 lectures (i'm terrible) and first functional anatomy lab is tomorrow morning 9AM so definitely worried! It's been a whole year since I last revised on anatomy so I hope I can remember some stuff if they give us a pop quiz :(

My sister's influence has lead to my current goal: to find the BEST soy mocha (with extra choc!)!!! So far I've tried Michele's Patisserie (Campbelltown and Narellan), The Coffee Club (too watery), Venti Cafe (winning so far!) and B-something cafe at UNSW (ok- not enough chocolate).

Soy mocha, extra chocolate: The Coffee Club

Soy Mocha, extra chocolate: Old Vienna Cafe (QVB)

And feast your eyes on some recent outfit photos! (Instagram is my best friend!)

Lace button up, Supre shorts, dotti belt, jessica buurman boots.

Caroline Morgan blouse, intoxic pants, Henry Holland boots, Diva accessories & iphone case.

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