Friday, March 16, 2012

#251 Work, uni, food & TAYLOR SWIFT!

It's already been SIX DAYS since i saw Taylor Swift! :) It was an amazing night and worth all the travel time, getting stuck in traffic, losing sleep and money spent! The concert was amazing and totally awesome! Can't wait to see her again!
the view from our seats!

Since Monday I've started house sitting for my sister's boyfriend's mum. (complicated huh?) It's just been an on and off thing and this will be my second night here! Guess what I made myself for dinner on Monday?

oven-baked potato chips (paprika, oregano, salt, olive oil), udon, ginger beer

Drove back home on Tuesday because of work on Wednesday and Thursday. Had dinner at TonTon in the city and got the chance to buy another amazing watermelon cream soda!
watermelon cream soda from Azuma/TonTon

They are seriously delicious and totally worth the $5.50 I had to cough up for it! If you like (japanese) melon soda you'll definitely love these!

And I'll finish off with a work outfit shot! Taken on Wednesday when the store was UBER quiet and I wasn't in danger of getting caught with a phone in my hand! No normal shots of clothes because I've been looking like a complete hobo at uni this week.
target shirt, valleygirl skirt, topshop slipper-shoes, body harness watches cuff and phone cover from diva.

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