Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hey, long time no post.

Came back from holidaying january away a few weeks ago! So, just before I left I decided to finally order these delicious cutout boot shoes from jessicabuurman that i'd been eyeing for a little more than 5 months! (i pine to extremes when it comes to shoes) Sent them to my friend's address whom I finally caught up with today and THUS I NOW HAVE THEM IN POSSESSION!!!

I'm itching to wear them with EVERYTHING and wearing them to work so I can WOWOWOWOWOW everyone haha!

KUDOS to jb! Without you guys I would have never been able to get my grubby hands on a beautiful pair of balenciaga-inspired boots! They are also amazingly comfy (though note of caution- the quality is only so-so)!

On another note- I'm kind of ashamed to note that I am starting to obsess over instagram...Normally I don't have trouble excluding myself from fb, tumblr, etc but i've been going on instagram all night! argh!

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