Monday, February 28, 2011



Didn't gain as many kgs as I thought I would (my clothes still fit me! but one of my dresses is a bit tight LOL). We went around to Malaysia (KL & Malacca & even JOHOR for a bit), Thailand-Phuket and Singapore :D

Funnily enough despite going to all those places I only spent 3/5 of my holiday savings! so I came back with some moneys :) which I spent a lot on groceries and presents today URGH.

The new FRANKIE mag is out and it features this awesome brand:
I saw the preview shots in the mag and gosh, the style is so pretty! But way out of my budget! Especially that dreamy cape *swoon* (I think i'll just get one off etsy instead :P).

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday and had a great/good/mediocre first day of uni today ;)

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