Saturday, November 13, 2010


Fact of life #1: Karl Urban + suit = HOT
Fact of life #2: Karl Urban has an AH-MAY-ZING voice :) its one of those deep, this-is-srs-bsns voices! (Check him out in the new movie: RED)
I bought a new pair of Wedges the other day! :D

They are frighteningly high (about 10-12cm i think) but they look so pretty! & YES THAT IS RIGHT MY FRIENDS- they were only $50! ;D
(unfortunately they are a bit small around the toe-area. But this was the only small-ish size they had. Plus its not so bad, and i can handle some toe-squishing~)
My mum also brought home another puppy/dog :D We think she's(he's?) a pomeranian cross...something. A friend found her wandering around on the road and no one claimed her (after she put out a notice) so she's living with us now :) She's bigger than Waffles (pure bred pomeranian) and when she jumps she reaches my hip *__*

All the pretty asos stockings are no longer on their site. I AM SAD. :(

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