Saturday, August 21, 2010


OKAY so its nearly the middle of semester and of course, this means midsem exams are coming up *CUE HORRIFIC SHRIEKING*. Unlike last semester (cruising and cruising and about 5 minutes tops of study) THIS semester Anatomy and BABS are superrrr hard and mentally draining so i've been actually studying and shiet! && worrying like CRAZY bout the quiz and test coming up. GAH.

and chem is just a no-no subject. Not going lectures, not reading lecture notes, not revising at all :D so- no change for chem HAHAHAHA.

Puppy school was pretty blaaaaaaaaaah. But saw a bunch of CUTE CUTE CUTE puppies there so no loss :) Did you know vets sell lamb ears and pig ears as doggy snacks? *__* (obviously they're dried-like jerky or a cracker) It's so WEIRD.

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