Friday, July 16, 2010


Hey there! Aren't Seiya x Usagi just adorable? After watching Sailor Stars, i now ship both mamoruxusagi and seiyausagi :D cuz seiya is just SO IN LOVE WITH HER IT HURTS TO WATCH.

So just came back from Malaysia yesterday. And i miss it already! ESPECIALLY THE FOOD and it doesn't help that the fridge has nothing edible!
Anyways, so came back with a whole new summer/spring wardrobe! :D I can't wait to wear them out hohohohoho~

Uni starts next week! And i got most of my results (damn you chemistry! why so late for?!) and IM SO HAPPY WITH THEM :D especially considering my lackof/late study :)

AND to the UNSW'ers, SMSSOC is selling tickets to the annual Ruby Ball event outside the library starting week1! Ruby Ball is basically a ball (duh) for all students and all profit is donated to a medical charity (i can't remember which).

Have a fun last week of the holidays :)

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