Saturday, July 03, 2010


Aren't Jared and Jensen just so A D O R A B L E? :)

So an update on my life yes? Well, Monday got a bit tipsy from only like 3 shots *shameful blushing* HAHA. Thursday had our PICNIC #3 which had more people than normal YAYAYA! I hope everyone had fun~

Recently I've been re-reading and re-watching anime/manga :D well not so much anime but manga YES :D And more fanfiction than manga, as always.
AAAAAAnnd now i've roped Caroline into the fanfiction phase as well! Though she's currently stuck on Sailor Moon stuff. Do YOU remember Sailor Moon?
Funnily enough alot of sailor moon fanfiction has mostly Beryl as 'head bitch of evil' or if there is no Beryl it's Rei- cause let's face it, Rei is like an ULTIMATE BITCH to Serena.

Back onto fanfiction though, it's really sad because now i've come to like fanfiction waaay more than canon!characters (in the case of really really good fanfics/doujinshi) and even canon! universe :( Though it's probably just the novelty of being able to see how much the author can change canon!characters without diverting from the actual storyline/mainverse of the series :)

Has anyone seen the G L E E finale teaser? LOOKS SO AWESOME :D But i won't be able to watch it :( cause im flying out on Thursday!! *_* So if someone is willing to record it for me? *hinthint* :D

I have an insane need to stake out all the local markets and stuff before i go....even if i have no money to spend.... -_-

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