Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Edit #1: Did i mention i'm EIGHT-TEEN NOW?! :)
Edit #2: sometimes i wish i wasn't so single- i mean, HUGE TEDDY BEARS?! :D

NYAHA~! Uni exams finished on MONDAY! SO IM FREE!
(caroline calls me a loser now cause i slept in til 3pm today and yesterday i had a nap at 4pm and on monday i had a nap at 8pm and slept til 7am. moeee~)

ANYWAYS! So i read that gay conversion post on xiaxue's blog and OMGUH i didn't even know that's what they did! (i never supported it fyi cause WTF?! conversion = you're in DENIAL) and it sounds TERRIBLE, DISGUSTING, INHUMANE and reminds me of the Milgram Experiment.

Following xiaxue's blog, there's this awesome vid about making rock candy (the fob speak isn't hard to understand (Y)). AND i was reading this other post about some Singaporean men and ewwww. They sound disgusting. if you have a strong stomach you should read it:

talk more later. and i'll come back with some pretty pictures :)

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