Monday, March 01, 2010


First day of Uni today. Not impressed.

Library doesn't get many plus points from me. Neither do the stairs.

Only had one lecture today so got there early with the intention of reading some resource books (in the LIBRARY) but imagine my surprise when i just CAN'T FIND ANY. WTF?! I wanna go Sydney U!!! D: Bumped into Bhavya, Uzma, Shadman&co., Hayden, Ben&Leon, Tram and the asians (yes jamie that means you). Met a girl from HK in Chem and a lostie in Uzma's French intro class.

Lecture was boring. Day was not as fun as i imagined. Meh. No more expectations. Going to crack down on studying and stuff. I want to pass with High scores for once. ( transfer....)

Trekked to Kino before heading home. Bought WHISTLE! 24 and OMGOSH the ending is kinda disappointingly short and while good it was a bit of a let down. I wanted to see him go PRO. But it was sad- i almost cried on the train while reading it. I'm such a wuss. THE SERIES IS LOVE. Bought Popteen for caroline and got home by 5:10.

Moving out doesn't seem so bad right now.

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