Tuesday, March 02, 2010

L O V E biology!!!

Second day of uni. Just cause im so lazy and boring i shall blog.

So today trekked to uni at 1130? And got there around 1250-ish. Found the Gibson Computer Lab and got started on my Chemistry Lab assignment thingy to do with safety. DONE and DONE! :D

That took about an hour; then went to foodcourt place thingy and got some lychee tea (GOSH $2.50) and then took a stroll to my lecture theatre 30mins early. LOL and it was already crowded with other first years lining up waiting for the other lecture to finish so we could get in.

Read the BABS (bio course) manual last night- sounds so so so interesting (even though its like Bio all over again) and im so so so excited :DDD Especially the biochemistry part! Ahaha.

I met a girl who comes from Hornsby :) She's really nice and superrr smart (all three sciences and ext 1&2 maths at TAFE farrrrk man). Still lonely. :(

On another note- why do lots of asian dudes have straw-like looking hair? Jeez.

....why do all the asians i see in class look so pretty? i feel uggos. :(

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