Wednesday, March 31, 2010


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Mid semester break is just around the corner! And unfortunately so are the exams and assignments (OHMIGAWDDDD). Can't believe Chemistry exam is going to be in WEEK8 we still haven't caught up to the tutprial work in the lectures yet. (the dude rambles on waaaaaay too much).

Thankgawsh finished my assignments on time and handed them in. Hopefully won't bludge over the easter break- there's a chem prac report due by Monday 10am as soon as we get back and i still need to catch up on BABS, CHEM and MATH work. Maybe i'll be able to actually motivate myself to study LOLOLOL.

I checked my score for the chemistry diagnostic test the other day and YAY i PASSED!!! 70%!!!! and i just COULDNT BELIEVE IT cause i guessed at least 3/4 of it i'm sure. :)

Today went into the crowded computer lab (to do my computer assignment) and there were NO CHAIRS because stupid people's stole them to sit around (and they DONT EVEN DO CHEMISTRY!). And it was really hard! :( i got 1.5/5 on my first go which is TOTALLY SHAMEFUL but then IRVIE RESCUED ME FROM FAILURE!!!! I LOVEYOU IRVIN! YOU ARE MY FRIGGIN SAVIOUR! XDDDDD

Passed on irvie's helpful knowledge to the nice girl next to me (who was stressing out too) so there's my good deed for the week.

I've gotten used to the rythym of university but it's still utterly dull, lonely (though i see alot of Hanson, david, Kat, etc. now) and boring as well as tiring. Didnt get home til 8pm today. Ran to town hall station and made it in 2 mins (from running from pitt st) so i am PROUD! :) The UNSW stairs are pretty good as part of a fitness regime.


PICNIC IS ON TUESDAY 6TH APRIL. Royal Botannical Gardens. Meet at
(i'll be there earlier if you want me to and ill escort you there) BRING FOOD/DRINKS.

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