Friday, January 01, 2010

kiss ass.

Like the picture? I FOUND IT here:

So first off: HAPPY NEW YEAR. Hope you had a swell 2009 with fond memories and achievements and a lesser amount of sizable regrets and shortcomings. Here's to a new year of 2010 with completed dreams and goals and new-year-resolutions, friendships and relationships and taking things in stride.

-i'm rambling.....moving on;
Discovered/uncovered more Gosurori sites :D been indulging for a few days on complete utter internet browsing. Shame on me for destroying my eyesight. Shame on you for not inviting me outside. Pft.

Sherlock Holmes is a relatively awesome movie. Director is Guy Ritchie (which i think i read off the credits right); seemed to take a different approach to the music and intertwining it with the character mental/emotional/physical state. A bit guhhhh and i'm not sure i like it much. Though it does intensify some moments.

The Princess and the Frog looks cool. I watched the trailer- made me giggle/laugh take your pick. Someone offer to go with me?

Fireworks looked good on the tele; got bored after 5 minutes though. No going out this year (like last year) - we've been quite lax on celebrations all year actually. I still need to update and rearrange my uni preference list. Am having trouble on course picking due to my in-between ATAR. Enough to get in with bonus points not enough to make the cut-off. Fudging bullshiz.

Here's my new phrase: LOLsies. as derived from "onesie" from Scrubs :)

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