Monday, December 28, 2009


Last few days not much happened. Christmas eve we opened the presents- cause otherwise i would've had to wake up early to make it to the annual Christmas Lunch (@nanny&poppy's) so mum was kind enough to pester me to open everything early.
As per tradition, me and Caroline (and of course her pet eugene) watched LOVE ACTUALLY (which never fails to make me laugh, cry and just plain melt into a puddle of goo. Then watched THE HOLIDAY for the first time- another christmas one which is about 98% cliche with a bit of randomness tossed in. Quite good- uplifting but a tad too predictable for me.

Knocked off at about 430am only to wake up at 1140am to get dressed and head out for the xmas lunch. Which was yummy (as always) and made me mighty full :D Came back home and ate suckling pig for dinner yumyum.

On BOXING DAY, didn't do much cept for some hardcore lazy computer surfing. 27th consisted of practically same shiz; only i did end up checking out the veggie patch procured some zucchinis and tomatoes and we also had a kind-of xmas party with the other asian friends :)

Today we went to Rhodes for YUMCHA which was deliciously awesome and then headed off to IKEA to stock up on some storage stuff. So i'm to be re-decorating my room soon. All the study shit has been ripped off the walls so i'm left with a few scattered anime drawings and the rest is all white.
Figure i'm going to print out some nice quality random images/polaroids and hang them up everywhere. Just to spice it up- hopefully before February begins :D

CHINESE NEW YEAR 2010 is on the 14th February :) Money (and for the hitched; romantic love) all in one day. Hurrah :D

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