Thursday, December 03, 2009

Closet confession LOL.

So, i've been ruffling up my urge to shop and its been itching me (that i should get a steady job and thus a regular income) while i update myself on Loli fashion :)
AHAHAHAHA. Yes, a closet lolita- tis moi. :D

And before you start making crude comments (this means Mr. Lei and such peoples) i'm talking about lolita as in the fashion style. Especially loving classic/vintage-victorian-y looking lolita styles (that i obviously cannot afford even if i had a job). I'm tempted to just splurge all my savings on one dress but that's just NOT COOL; as i've been mentally telling myself ever since i started getting interested in the stuff.

Been reading a famous lolita blog ( which is run by a reallly reallllllly insightful and experienced loli-follower (i'm a fan after reading just 2 entries) who looks totally in her element wearing loli. Admiration: 10000000000000000+

This week has been relatively uneventful filled with loads of impromptu naps and cranky replies to parental's incessant questions. URK. i need a life.

On another note: Bhavya's partae tmrw and i am getting better at sharp and diamond-turns (driving dudes)! :D

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