Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hello babes :)

SOOOOOOOOOO finally got to a hotel that has proper and easy-to-use-and-connect wireless internet :)

It's about 3 hrs behind Australia over here so pretty late no?

Anyways in celebration of finding internet, before i checkup on Korea tourist info; I've caught up on some sites (that i regularly visit- and some blogs lol) in the past 10 minutes! Yes, there's not much to do cooped up in a room.

So flew out last week as you (should) know. Got to HK, STINKING HOT then taxi'ed to Marriot to catch some sleep (HK marriot is oh-so-sexy and retro; about HKD$600 which converts to about AUD$100/night which is SUPER CHEAP! :D) and eat some dinner. Then early next morning (about 6am?) checked out, taxi'd to airport and then flew off to Beijing, China. The tour was really rushed but it was SO SO SO AWESOME. Took about 200-300 pictures per day and it SNOWED like you wouldn't believe. Absolutely beautiful. The snow is soft and squishy and doesn't melt quickly at all (didnt melt after 48 hrs :O).

Pretty cold over there- around 0-12 degrees? Last few days were around 2 degrees. You get used to the cold after a while and the snow is worth the sacrifice of heat :D
Just last-last-night, the tour finished and we caught the plane to HK again; turbulance was terrible- worst i've ever had; my ears were ringing the whole night after. Hot as FCK in HK airport but nice and cool outside. Slept first night in a dingy hostel room which was squishy but good for the cost (about 100-200 HKD/night?). LOL at all the asian kids who were walking to school this morning XD they all wear the same vest as Lei! :0 haha and they all look the same.

Everyone smokes here. Dirty and stinky though everything is fairly cheap. Nothing much to do but shop. Bought some cute shoes, found out i can't get my dream formal dress made, bought a scarf and some clothes and stuff for the sisters back home.

Korea in another three days :) No worry, i will strive to buy your lollies vicky :D but i can't guarrantee a post card Jamie! It's funny how hardly any shops sell decent postcards. :X

Currently hyped from the excess pollution, depressed over formal and impending doom (HSC results) and awaiting my hopefully wonderful distraction from it all (korea weeeeeeeeeeee).

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