Friday, November 27, 2009

Erm. Tired.

So, came back on Sunday morning. Got home around 11am and spent the rest of the day unpacking and organising which souveneir goes to which person and catching up on eating, drinking, sleeping and computer browsing :) I love the internet.

Monday and Tuesday were spent working at the shop.

Wednesday was Hurlstone Formal :) A fun event, worth the money i suppose, though the meals weren't anything to gawk at (even though the surroundings were). DJ was okay- lost his touch half-way through. One of the bows on my heel broke so the dancing was with one decorated and one plain heels. Brushed up on my dancing skills- i do not like masses of sweaty bodies but i suppose it was all fun in the end.

Today had St Pat's formal :) Was a blast (pink dress for this one)! Caught up with the oldies and took some (but only a few unfortunately) pictures with some of the gang. Saw gangbanger for the first time and rocked out on the dance floor again in heels! XD Two days, 5 hours non-stop walking, running, dancing and jumping with un-cushioned 7cm heels! I'm proud of myself! Finished at 12 exactly and walked with dad- from Darling harbour to the car (at Paddy's market/UTS library intersection) in heels once again! I'm so pro now! :D

Thang's party, dancing with Angela+Sarah, Bhavya's partae- all coming up and all on short notice! D: Need to RSVP soon! :3 hopefully i'll make it!

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