Saturday, November 28, 2009


Went to DANCEKOOL today with Sarah and Angela (who are such cutiepies for waiting for me!). First time since....2-3years ago? Same place, same layout- went to take some street dancing but Rosie wasnt there so Jaye(?) taught us 'sexy' dancing instead. VERY UNCOMFORTABLE.
I cannot dance 'sexy'. at all. ever.

They're all heading off to Japan next week TT___TT. No time to catch up on korean fandoms with me! But maybe i'll get souviees? LOL. jks.

At Dancekool, ran into Amy Lin and Jasson (weird pair to run into; odd time). It was kinda- awkward? or maybe it was just me? Anyways i think the last time i saw amy was....hrm. well the last time i talked to her, we were organising our own formal at jess's house. WOAH. like the first time i met Caroline's gang. LONG TIME AGO. Last time i saw Jasson was.....i dont know. It's nice to look back on old times but a bit of a shocker to realise how much time has passed.

I need to reunite with some easties soon....before i submerge myself into an abyss of memories. Why can't i ever run into lien or poni or amanda or meme or any of them? I have the worst luck with coincidental, impromptu meetings. It's very disappointing.

thangyman/iggy's partae tmrw :) still need to get a pressie! thanks for the ride raymie :D

****still need to upload holiday&formal photos ( many photos)

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