Tuesday, November 03, 2009


So HSC has finished with a BANG! of chemistry~

After an intense exam (and subsequent chattering on how shit it was like all nerds do) and handing Sukhi-babe her well-earned brownies (minus a few courtesy of jam-jam, ryan, etc) me and vicky-babe went to go fill our stomachs with yumm korean food at strathfield :D

Then today, gathered mostly all of my textbooks for return in the morning. Lugged about 2 kgs? of booklets and hsc resources onto the train and off and into school. So now i'm about half-way signed out :) After the handing-in, met up with vicky agains and headed off to cty to lookie at all potential formal accessories :D

Spent about $60 today; on food, caps and manga! Got a new series- and pumped to finish reading it!

Anyways, came home around 5pm? (was uber hot and tired all day ==) took a nap, woke up, ate dinner and then sat down to watch some riveting tv.

9 the movie is totally awesome. The storyline is absolutely WOWZERS. And the ending was so grounded in reality. Though, contrary to character design, it's a very war-torn kinda plotline and most definately not for young kids. So unless you're fine with watching death without going *0* or seeing limbs around (which arent gory so much so no worries) then I still reccomend the movie but suggest you tread with caution :)

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