Tuesday, October 27, 2009

love love


Would totally not trade them for the world. And i wouldnt trade you (my friends) for the world either hahaha :) You guys are sexy awesome and help me through induced hsc panic attacks which is totally awesome!

Anyways, today mum brought home TALES OF OUTER SUBURBIA by Shaun Tan for me :D I had asked her to see if she could possibly order it through her friend and LO-AND-BEHOLD she gots it! And only for $20!!!! I'm so happy! Just spent about two hours going through it page-by-page and just admiring the allegory, symbolism and awesome awesome paintings and works of art that is just a portion of Shaun Tan's seemingly endless talent.

Absolutely wonderful. I daresay you guys should totally read it.

Recently, our strawberry patches have been sprouting loads and loads of strawberries! They're so pretty and yummy looking~ So i have taken it upon myself to daily pick some more purely organic and freshly grown strawberries from the vege patch and garden! Picked up some nice smelling lemon thyme as well for pasta yesterday. Beautiful smell~

And, just found out that only me and Aunty Jenny are gonna be going to Korea (hopefully) as everyone else has pulled out -which SUCKS but yeah. So need to book some other tourism thingo. Hopefully we'll be able to check out Seorak mountain :D

Anyways; Just hope everyone's not being such a lazy bludger like me and actually putting all the work of these past two years to use. I wish you all luck! Even if you're not sitting the HSC. Sending Luck for anything and everything :)

I'm thinking of spreading word and tutoring frisky and weirdly-driven HSC obsessed yr 12 kids of 2010. How does that sound for income? Haha.

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