Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Puzzle Piece

Because i'm only a tiny teeny piece in this jigsaw world.

I studied today; 2hrs which is a pretty big difference from the normal 0-30mins i occasionally force myself to do. I'm proud of myself, are you too? :)

My weakest subjects are chemistry and mathematics. My strongest being biology followed by english and agriculture (both of which lie around same average marks). Extension english is worrying because even though im improving, my ranks are still shit and shot to hell.

Anyways, i am craving Korean yummies.

Strathfield anyone? I'd like some rice cakes. Maybe stock up on 2% and try some MILKIS :)

Friday is Career advisor...uh-oh! Just finished detailing my profile for uac. guh, its so confusing for someone like meee! Stupid capslock requirements and dumb mini-windows with no refresh button!

Oh! and today was a DUST STORM so it was all yucky air today with so many particles that i could feel them clog my nose and throat. Horrible feeling i ended up coughing and sniffling the whole day, the wind didnt help either. Sometimes, nature is a bitch to us all.

Weee~ me and vicky and jamie have been emailing convos! Like a kind of ....routine? It's quite nice to talk about nothing in particular and getting an email is like getting a letter. You don't know what's inside that it makes you jittery but youre happy cause you got something ;)

I want to do something for muck-up day. Cross-dressing sounds quite fun.

P.S. I love you too.

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