Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I'm really hating myself right now.

I've put off making sushi for an entire week, making the cucumber i pre-prepared go off and soggy. Now I have to chuck it out. THIS SUCKS.


Today was Vicky's bdae so yesterday quickly went to buy her yummy cake! Ended up getting a Deluxe Chocolate Mousse cake as per the sales-lady's personal opinion ^^. She was really nice and helped save me from an endless battle of which cake to get! Ran to get some candles then had to pick up Ariel from station.

Ohmygawsh she's so ANNOYING. Doesn't appreciate the fact that she doesn't have to take a bus home and instead gets the luxury of personal transport. Instead she complains and grumbles and slams the fcking door when she has to wait over 3 minutes to get picked up. Sure, i'd understand 20 mins- hell i fcking wait 30-40mins every fcking day at the station for her ass and she complains about 3 minutes?! WTF? Very very pissed off.

So, cake was a success. Nick, Abhi, Eddie and Lawerence ended up tagging along. Dunno HOW but yeah. At least we finished the cake :) Will upload pics later~

Had chem after and it was GOOD (Y). Much better when its not crowded and its more relaxed and fun! Learnt alot today and am motivated to do well in chem! #_#


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