Saturday, September 26, 2009

Do I dare disturb the universe?

With every rainy moment, the sun smiles a beautiful rainbow.

Hi guys. As you can see, i'm suceeding in restraining incessant blogging 24/7 :) hurrah~

So this week has been okay. Did a bit of study here and there (i'm supposed to be studying right now actually :x) of mostly chemistry and maths. Because they're my worst subjects. I can't believe i got a B for chem in my yrly report though. That was 0_0.

Thursday, bought some basics from Cotton On :) first time i bought anything there by myself! Spent about $22 on 2 tanks and a "MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE" bottle. Unfortunately wasn't able to find the book i wanted (angus & borders) so i have to check it out at Dymocks. ....My internet's being shitty again. *sigh*

Anyways, David's & Melina's & Ann's bdaes were celebrated this week~ More 18 yr olds are entering the atmosphere! LOL. hoping they didn't/don't get drunk off their butts. Oh, that applies to Lauren's party too! (which i'm skipping out on because of my guilty conscience).

My extension 1 story got subtlely bagged out on Tuesday afternoon. I was expecting it but it still stings. Today went working til 130pm, ate lunch, studied, cooked and helped with some gardening. also picked up some lovely lavender flowers which i have decorated and placed in my room (nature inspiration hehe) and some japanese maple, pear tree blooms and cherry blossom? which are also vased and on my study table. They're so pretty!

The Vege patch is on it's way to being fully productive! Planted some choi sum and found an adorable lady bug :D

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