Saturday, September 12, 2009

couldn't resist!

That's right folks! The nooriously slow-updating, super-slow-releaser, shiet-eating-manga-axers have finally, FINALLY decided to translate Harlem Beat wa Yoake Made. If you don't know what this is- shame on you! Unfortunately, the name is SO SHIT in english. I mean, 'Mad Love Chase'? WTF is this? If i didn't know how good it already was i would never ever touch it. EVER. Such a shit title.

Also! This is really sad/gloomy for me....

*Sorry for crappy pics* Title reads: DOMO: THE MANGA.
With all the mainstream advertising of Domo-kun, i feel terribly stifled and Tokyopop is starting to ruin the awesomeness of Domo for me. It is also noteworthy to mention that Domo-kun looks like a retarded melting block of chocolate NOT like the original awesome Domo. If you don't know Domo, or if you're bored- check out Domo's official jp site. It has cute animations of Domo & friends that always lift my spirits! (click on the characters for info, the TV for animations) (if you don't know who Domo is and you can't read jap)

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