Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Time waster is my name.

Check out ENVY! Bwahahaha~ He's kinda cute, if you ignore the whole looking-like-a-foetus thing :)

I've just spent 4hrs reading FULL METAL ALCHEMIST.

Man oh man, it's one of the best mangas i've ever read! And (you may call me a geek) but damn! Ed is hot/cute to the core :D

Today was chemistry. And i spent last night studying/reading over sample answers/RE-READING ALL MY MANGA and completely neglected to finish off my major work for ext 2 and sending it in. I'm late by three days now. She's so having a cow with me on Friday.

It's times like these that i hate extension 2.

Anyways so Chemistry- surprising how many past paper questions were in there (word for word) but i totally failed....again. Couldn't remember the answer for a 2mark, 3 mark and another few questions. Completely guessed multiple choice.

Tomorrow does not bode well. Must find a pretty conflicting perspective related text :) And probably a few prepared essays too. Considering this one is 15%.

Mum got the tickets for WICKED. So its a confirmed date ;) Exam time has lead to isolation. Haven't seen Daryl or Khoi or Joanne or stuffs much this week. It's very sad- quite sad. Walked by RUBI cotton on store and they have FLURO flats! and pretty coloured high heels.

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