Saturday, August 22, 2009


I hate war. It's a terrible terrible horrible thing. In truth it doesnt bring peace; it only forces someone to surrender and leaves horrific imprints of unjust violence. It brings conflict between races which is what actually starts war in the first place. Once you start it; it'll never end.

Okay, today wore my pretty blue stockings to outing :) Got up early (850?) took a shower and slid around the house trying to get and find and update my ipod, wallet, keys, etc. and ran out of the house (to get picked up) with time to spare (Y). Got to the train station and found out that my destined train wasn't appearing on the "trains to come" screen. My dates are all screwed up...i thought it was a saturday =3=

Met up with Jamie :D and then the rest of the smarties outside central. Waited another 20mins for Sus ^^. Saw Geoff & gf (lol), Nicole, Dana, etc.etc. at the station~ Anyways met up again with smarties to have lunch at Ramen-kan :) Didn't like what i got. It was a katsu OMELET with rice not just katsu. And i dont mind eggs sometimes but this tasted waaaaaaaaaaaaay too sweet. next time i'm gonna stick with ramen.

After that we split; me, jamie, helene, sarah, sus went Kae!!! and ended up going noraebang instead of Echo cause it has way more english songs :D Paid for 2hrs got about 40mins free :) i LOVE show! Helene was rocking out the Tambourines and her rap was like 100% :P Sus kept getting rigged scores! Bad singers in other rooms :X terrible background noise!

After Jamie went hme, met up with other smarties and looked around MYER. Which has some really nice dresses if you're up for paying the pricey-prices~ Quality is kinda worth it though i guess. I trekked it down to kino (with sus and helene) after and spent about 40mins trying to decide which manga to get (X1999 vol. 18, D.Gray-man, Wjuliet, Fairy Cube or FMA) and finally decided on FMA cause .....its FMA XD. Was on a budget for only two books but found later on the train i had another 10 bucks and could've bought another volume T___T.

Vol. 15FMA was so sad. Reading it on the train and its about the Ishbal (ishval?) war. Almost cried~ D: Hiromu Arekawa is very very very talented.
Got home dead tired but ate some dinner and i really wanted to watch THE HURT LOCKER so stayed up watching that whilst my eyes crinkled up from tiredness. The movie is really goood and very touching. Its not for people who easily get queasy. There's this one part where he has to open up a sewn up body. I really really really really hate war.

RiCE is on tonight. :)

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