Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh really?

You never really realise how stupid you are until somebody tells you.

Today couldn't go USYD open day. Not really hyped though because uni, i've come to accept, is an idea that has totally escaped my brain. I don't think it's an option for me ^^"

YESTERDAY was mufti and the hand-in date for extension 2 major works. Me and Lisa stayed up all night (lisa had a nap though) the night before doing our Reflection Statement- VERY VERY DODGY RESULT. Thankgod I finished it but OMG apparently i went over the word count so i was like SHIT! and bs'ed my word count. That will probably drop me down a band but i'm thankful I finished. So because i had no sleep, I went to school with sore muscles and achy shoulders from bending over the laptop for hours on end.
And also because of this i was running around the house in the morning printing off at least 40 pages of work and eating breakfast and packing my bag for school. Hence the reason why i walked to school looking like a douchebag in my gay hoodie and worn jeans. :)

Skipped first two periods and assembly for a nice Extension 2 reunion and celebration of it all coming to an end. Bound our works (i got an orange backing :D) and ate some danishes & croissants, OJ and jam and cream (THANKS SPROULEY!!!). It was nice. Pestered Ms so we could lounge around to miss out assembly and ended up reading each others works.

Lisa's is really unique and funny (^^) and Sukhi & Sian's were like.....AWESOME! even though i havent actually read hers since a long while ago =3=. Thankgod i was reading Sukhi's cause her printer/comp ended up screwing up her work (pages & text were missing) just in time for her to re-print and re-bind her work. LIKE OMGAWSH.

EDIT// just came back from shopping :) bought like....3 converse jackets for $30! BARGAIN! got some aladdin-y pants and a cardigan (my first one! hahaha) for $40 as well.

I'm hungry.....and geeeee~ i've drunk 11/2 L of Green Tea in 2 days :) yumyumyum~

Hopefully going to UNSW open with Lien (must ask..LOL) and Tasie and Peony and etc... :) Hope so! I need to buy a new pair of flats too~

and ARGH. Trial marks are so sad. But i deserve it for studying last minute for all of the exams (cept maths-a hopeless cause & english mod C which turned out worth it XD). I betcha if someone else were in my shoes they'd go cutties. But I go where the wind takes me.


I'm living life on the edge- always going up and down and sometimes the only thing that keeps me from falling deep is the one who watches over us all.

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