Thursday, August 06, 2009

it's not working...

I got a series & application past paper (2008) question right ;) YAY.

Also revised and did quite a few Qs 1-6 of past papers. Maybe i won't fail. Fingers Crossed.

I'm supposed to have written up feedback and typed up a semi-decent reflection statement and finished draft since Sunday. I'm not motivated and thus still haven't done it. *sigh*

Been reading all day. And math-ing for 4hours since i started work at 150-2pm-ish today. Oh and i ordered a pair of retro funky hot peach/pink pants ;D

Maths on Friday, i still havent practised for english.


i can't believe melina's being so preppy :] it's a nice change my super tasty donut, but it makes me oh-so envious ^^ And you owe me a meeting with Mr smooth-talking Gangbanger please ;)

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