Monday, August 10, 2009

i couldn't resist.

Today was english AOS exam. Totally failed :)

After english walked with vickaye XD back to station and then took train with Ann, Andrea and Luke. Talked to Dom(?) for the first time too.

Trained it to Mac Square, browsed around BORDERS for about 40-50mins before got a call from dad (hehe my sexy linkin park ringtone rules!) and got a lift home ;)

Anyways my main reason for this really unnecessary and time-consuming (WHEN I SHOULD BE STUDYING) post is that i wanted to share with you all the all-time awesome food ever:

JIA ZHANG MIAN: the yummy shanghai noodles frm ASHFIELD

I'm eating it right now for lunchies :P

**edit! why thankyou jamie :D

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