Tuesday, August 04, 2009

give me a call ;)

My eyes are itchy and tired but i think it's just cause i've been on the computer for too long without a break. go me, i'm so smart =___=

Today went to school :) and brought Joanne and Belinda's very very very belated birthday presents! Which they loved, because i'm so awesome at thinking up gifts ;D Thankgosh the size was right otherwise i would've had to have Caroline run back to the store and exchange it for me! So happy you liked you guys! if it weren't your birthdays i would've kept the pressies for myself! LOL. Thanks to everyone who contributed! :)

Delivered the presents in the morning so i was hands-free for the rest of the day ;) Sukhi spent the whole day (and brought along sian and allie) trying to convince me to not drop. Basically the arguement is that i've been sticking it for so long that i should just go for it. Apparently Ext 2 english scales high...i thought it was a low-ish scale subject in comparison to ext math and stuff. :X another thing ms lied to me about (if what Sukhi said is true).

I think i'll finish my story first, take a look at feedback from everyone else and then decide to drop or not. Preferably by Thursday. I don't want to take another extension lesson if i don't have to. Totally not worth it if i did.

So me and alex have planned a bio/ext 1 study date at my house :D this'll be fun! Hopefully i'll wake up on time to greet her at the door lol. i'm such a sloth ;) Hopefully we can get everything together before the exam comes trotting along to bash our puny brains in..... i'm just so positive aren't i?

Extension class/tutorial was pretty good today. Although it was mostly a talk and take notes kind-of lesson, it was good! Now i'm more aware of what i need to make sure i'm prepared for the creative romanticism response! Mrs Young stressed alot about incorporating some romantic music mentions or music in general as something to make our work stand out. but apparently some people did that for the journal and Mr Hancock didn't like it AT ALL and marked the people down quite a bit because of it.

So, trials start on Friday, mummy leaves for Gold Coast conference on Friday night and i am oh-so-totally screwed for maths yippeeeee~ I SHOULD GET BACK TO STUDYING! :0

-watch; G.I. Joe, Coraline, Red Cliff, Inglorious Bastards, The Ugly Truth
-eat korean food
-stroll through a pretty landscape and update my photography noobie skills
-catch up with easties, st. patties and make it an awesome reunion
-take bekah out K
-go RICE RALLY with angela ;)

So much to do in so little time.....

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