Thursday, August 13, 2009

Expanding your horizons.

Let's grace you guys with a nice screenshot of mine. Hi aibelly-don't be mad ;)

Today was (if you read the blog previous) ENGLISH MODULES ADVANCED exam. Totally only partly scrambled some notes for Conflicting perspectives the night before. Fell asleep trying to remember some stuff about Suu Kyi and Sadat Speech. Completely flunked Modules A & B and probably C.

And so begins another day tmrw and the weekend and monday of study before the journey of trials is finally over. KISS MY ASS STUPID EXAMS!

Caught up with the assusinator after english. Chit-chatted about mundane things = english exam. And also walked with both THE SUS and lei to the station :) Caught train home w/ Luke.

Vicky gave me my notebook today. Didn't know it was missing- completely forgot but it didn't have anything important in it anyways. Only old extension 2 stuff. Well apparently i left it at the library yesterday which is quite interesting considering the last time i was in the library was Friday of last week. Honestly, the librarian lady needs to get a grip. Thanksyou vicky!

Ben stole my luck for the exam. =3= then alex stole the rest. Ah im blessed with the bestest friends ever. ever ever and ever.

Saw Sunny today. Heh, he took the seat behind me. Jordan(?) was in the next row over, i remember seeing him out of the corner of my eye - he kept looking around and stuffs. If that was him. Bleh. The Andrew dude was in the next row (other side) and was writing so fast! :(

NOW i shall skip around and dance and sing because english advanced is over~~~~~~~

***will edit with updates of pics later.

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