Saturday, July 18, 2009

Supernatural <3

SUPERNATURAL is my sexy study buddy.

"Now i the victim's address..." :)

So, i confess, my study regime has ultimately failed. I wrote up a timetable (yes rebekah, even though i swore i wouldn't) but i'm behind schedule by...three days =___=. Tomorrow i'm dedicating the whole day to extension 2. :( I'm so screwed.

I only have two more topics of bio notes to go! Funnily enough, mummy's updating her pharmacy knowledge and getting another degree (in some medicine thing) and she's studying the same stuff as me! So i'm going to steal her textbook/encyclopedia and fully study!

Wednesday, was Ariel's 14th so we (us sisters) were going to watch BRUNO or something but we got dogged :( So me and Caroline hitched a bus to Mac Square and re-watched Transformers 2 :D Totally more awesome at Greater Union - i mean, Event Cinemas. Walked around and Caroline splurged on Eugene's credit card -__- and i saw the CUTEST cocktail dress! OMG i want it so bad! It's poofy-ish and hot-pink with black polka dots! And it came in two other colours too! Purple and dark green-emerald :0 i'm so tempted to just splurge~

Today met up with sexy seventeen Melina XD ahhh..she's grown so much *tear* now that she has her very own gangbanger LOL! (don't be hatin' haha). Went to have some yummy dinner and bowling (woohoo i didn't LOSE!) which was coolios~

"i mean, a spongebob placemat instead of an altar cloth?"

Now i only have $59 in my bank i have to deposit some more in soon. And omg SKIP BEAT and KOUKOU DEBUT are so totally cute~ ahh..i wish i had a manga-inspired life to match my wacky wardrobe! I've been meaning to buy a pair of legwarmers and a few wigs. hehehe.

Dad got a TOP NOTCH copy of TF: ROtF, The Hangover and 17 AGAIN bwahahaha~ despite Zac Efron's total gay-ness, i must admit, he looks waaaaay good in the movie! (Y)

"You are not an angel Thomas. Men cannot be angels."

*if anyone can guess the episodes i'm watching right now (hint quotes hint) i shall deliver unto you some yummy chocolate covered almonds! *not* :D

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