Saturday, July 25, 2009

i wanna get over it!

So.. Jensen is a sexy beast. Or, as i have come around to putting it: HE IS SEX ON LEGS. Don't quote me on that. I'm just a fan.

Thanks to Lei for putting up with my rabid fangirly-ness, Melina for making me feel not useless :), Aibelle for just being there and Tina for being an awesome mopey dopey buddy :) and Daryl for the random snippets in convo~

Dad programmed and setup my new laptop~ Yersh i got a new one hurrah!!! It's slim and pretty but not as fast as my trusty white compaq. This one's an msi. It's a bit laggy but the battery is (Y), totally awesome. Now i don't have to walk back and forth with the cable strapped to me.

Starting to get sick again. Coughing and stomach is acting up. I think its because ive been forgoing lunch and breakfast for a week and a half? for sleep. Yes, i sleep in til 3pm on a regular basis now :D

On an overview of the holidays, i haven't been very productive. Ive only written bio notes (excl. option topic), chem notes (excl. 2 topics) and revised on maths. I still need to crawl my way back to the abandoned cave on mt. ext 2 english, and somehow regurgitate another 6 essays for Adv and Ext 1 eng. Aren't you glad you're not me?

Yesterday was Nana's birthday so mum's having a gathering tomorrow. There's going to be pizza, lasagne, sushi? and chinese food of course and other stuff. Can't wait :)

On Wednesday is the UMAT exam. Ive tried some practise papers and failed dismally. My timing is okay though. Scores need alot of work. I think i give up on UMAT, i want to concentrate on my ATAR more. I don't want med anyways.

Still got my eye on that pretty cocktail dress for formal, or this nice lolita dress i spotted a while back...oh so tempted to just splurge but im cutting back on spending cause....HK and CHINA!!!! :P Mum's trying to motivate me to aim for a higher ATAR; right now my goal is over 85,, if im lucky i'll get an 83. If the heavens shine down on me, i might get a 91. I leave it to faith and the wonders of revision.

Found my old ipod! The one from last year....early early last year. It's jam-packed with all my jap songs (cause i had to reformat my comp so i lost it all- its on my harddrive though) and it feels so good to listen to all the bleach songs after such a long time. And DN Angel and the instrumental (Circle of Eternity) by Mitsuda Yasunori. I want to go Karaoke now. LEI! i still owe you pizza hut buffet! :D

I don't want to go to school on Monday. Maybe i can convince mum to let me skip first day back. For UMAT study or whatever :/ Holidays have not been well utilised. Fingers crossed i can get Ag, chem, bio and ext 2 english done by this weekend.

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