Thursday, July 02, 2009


Hey dudes ;) skipped out today on account of a very sore throat. Couldn't speak or swallow or nothing properly anyways. i.e. i was asking my mum a question but she couldn't understand cause my voice was so raspy-ish =___=

Yesterday watched TRANSFORMERS: THE REVENGE OF THE FALLEN and yea~ it was pretty AWESOME :D went to dumaresq cinemas with vicky, irvin and khoi. ate lunch at subway and c'town mall and got in late. Saw hayden, jason & co. at the cinemas LOL.

Well, i liked the movie! :) it was pretty awesome and my favourite part (i won't describe in detail) was the near-death experience! ahahaha i'm a sucker for angst~

***if anyone hasn't seen, i'll watch it again with you! :P

slept in till 11-ish this morning and spent the rest of the day catching up on some math and organising all my chem and bio stuff into my study folders. Time to start on my notes again :)

Next week is the last week of school! WOOHOO! i can't wait till the holidays start and i *voluntarily* start studying on my own again..hehe jks. EXT1 ENGLISH class only consisted of me and lauren this week which was sad, but not unexpected. Spent the lesson going over my *current FAVOURITE book* Possession. Can't believe i can remember so much! hopefully i can make a real awesome essay of it ^___^

MASTERCHEF: omg who else was shocked when Poh made it through? Can't believe she got that many votes! :D

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