Sunday, May 24, 2009

english is torture

English notes have been sent! :) If you haven't got them DOWNLOAD HERE.

You'll find a small bit of DEANE stuff there too. Feel free to take it. The notes aren't much, mostly a basic summary on the context, speech audience and intentions and there's a few techniques written and explained about. hope it helps :D

Just watched X-files: the movie and ugh....kinda gross dude! But it was pretty good...didn't really pay attention to the 2nd half of the movie (i was doing work thankyouverymuch). Now i gotta catch up on Supernatural, go out and watch Angels and Demons and eagerly wait for Transformers 2 :D can't wait for Shia Lebouf again ahahha~!

Yesterday did the STAT and omgosh was uber nervous, my hands were all shaky and cold and i couldn't stop looking around the hall (before the test started). My brain went into overdrive. And i think i failed the test which is super ghey. After HSC im going to GET A JOB so i can pay back mum&dad the $495 for the medentry tutoring, $110 for the STAT test, $375 for school fees, $165 for the UMAT and a whole bunch of other stuff. Damn, school is so expensive :(

Also saw Lawerence (is that how you spell it?) and Thang at the STAT test thingo...

Still gotta catch up on chem, maths and bio and study for all the english subjects. Oh and i finally checked out my report and yea, just what i was SHIET :) utter crap marks and utterly crap rankings and overall grades. Hopefully this does NOT reflect how i'll do in the HSC.

Explained to mum the mechanics of the STAT test and about 'back-doors' to get into uni. She was very surprised... lol. It's like the HSC isn't even that important anymore.

and people should be happy to know, ive stopped with the coffee and im back on to my beautiful white peach tea~ awesome (but expensive) stuff i tell you! Mum&dad have continued on the vege patch! we now have multiple strawberries and bokchoi plants growing for the season ;)

EDIT:// English notes will be sent out soon! :)

Remember: patience is a virtue

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