Monday, May 18, 2009


STAT is on this Saturday :( i think i shall FAIL. like UMAT how sad D:

So i still have to do FOUR dot points of chemistry which is super sad cause it's the HARDEST ones ...i wanna drop chemistry ...or extension english *sigh* :( must finish tonight. a goal which is currently not being fulfilled as you can tell ;)

well, saturday went to state library and waited for like 10 mins for it to open :D haha at least i wasn't the only one there. so got in at 10am and went to the locker and lost a $1 :( went to get one of the manual-kind-a lockers (where you slot the $1 in and take the key out) and put the $1 in before i took the key out and it got jammed and i tried toggling the key but it was stuck :( so ive lost a $1 (which isn't so bad since i lost $5 before cause it fell out of my pocket =__=) and i spent like 15mins trying to get that $1 out too *__*

then i got in, went down to the lowest level and grabbed a bajillion extension english (romanticism, writing) books and pushed them over to where i was sitting. and i fell asleep after a while and then BAM it was 1202 :0 and like i had to leave at 1pm so i basically sped-read the rest of my 20+ books (LOL). actually didnt get much done...D:

also picked up thang's CDs (haha im glad you liked!) and my skirt and Caroline's clothes :D it's a really pretty skirt too! a little bit long but i can improvise! (high-waisted skirt FTW!) now i need a pair of shoes and a blouse and jacket to match :)

Oh mum and dad also bought a coffee machine and started on mum's long awaited vege garden ;) it looks cool! but right now it's just a bunch of soil haha.

anyways, good luck to everyone for chemistry. and english, stat and physics and ag (which are only weeks away). i need a nap. *sigh*


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