Sunday, May 10, 2009


How sad is it when you realise that your studies has taken over your lives so much that you scorn others for it? :(

This weekend was awesome~ Stayed back on Friday to finish up some Jane Eyre and saw Alex and Sukhi :) But the day kinda sucked like SHIET cause marks have been progressively dropping i'd say i have a GPA: 2.0 how crap. anyways the librarian lady...damn she's friggin pedantic (spelling?) borrowed the Young Writers Showcase 2007 but i still have to read it and its due back tomorrow :(

I still haven't finished any chem stuff including dot points and homework questions....anyone done Q18 yet? I need help D: finished maths after much frustration (i ended up skipping the questions anyways) and finished Jane Eyre today so i'm starting on Shirley tomorrow. ahhh it was a good/awesome read and i RECOMMEND IT! :)

Have to work on all the assessment tasks by the end of half-way coming week cause i just got confirmed for STAT. Khoi, you should have gotten in too then ;) and hopefully dad can take me to watch STAR TREK on Tuesday! If mum's not being ....RAWR-y.

Merlin was a bt disappointing today, didn't focus much on the story-ish and the preview of next week's episode isn't sounding too great. I think they should prolong too much dramatic action that doesn't concern the MAIN MAIN characters...because the main characters should get to know each other and build a better comrade-ish relationship first. But yeah..i'll still watch it ;) Supernatural will be on tomorrow and hopefully i won't miss it because of the AG seminar! argh! It's going to be gooooood~ (but i've seen it already LOL).

NUMB3RS is on again, Wednesday nights...830? on ten. It's got better special effects and stuff, looks way better in quality! can't wait lalalallala~! btw it's SEASON FIVE so by this time, Charlie doesnt have NSA clearance since it got revoked in the last season and megan's gone (i can't remember if she left season 4 or 3) but characters and stuff. and its a bit over my head cause i haven't seen season 4 i just know what happens! spoilers FTW!

I'm up to go SHOPPING! Jamie, Vicky, Belinda, Himakshi, Joanne! we should all go shopping sometime before the trials and stuff come...FORMAL shopping! or just winter shopping in general, im not picky :D Caroline's going to work 3 days now so she gets loads more moolah so jealous (she says its gonna be around $300+/week). and i've been rewatching charmed such an old show- ahhh 90's SFX was so simple back then *sigh*

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