Saturday, May 02, 2009


So, exam marks were shit. I'm over it.

basically the exact same marks as last years only my chem and english ones were super more shit this time around. What really takes the cake is the fact that i HARDCORED this time (for some subjects) and even though i procrastinated ALOT (like 2 weeks before the exams) i kinda expected a little higher of myself. just goes to show...dont procrastinate EVER before exams.

HAH! can you believe i got a credit in the chem competition last year...LOL.

Yesterday i finished a practise math paper, chem practise paper (the given Qs) and read up to Chpt. 11 of Jane Eyre :) Very accomplished! Caught up with Kritika after school and had a girly chat :) and LOL tina called me for a maths question! (honey i suck at maths) ended up talking for 40mins and yea it was an eyeopening convo. MUST STUDY FOR UMAT!!!

i really hate it when my eyes wander- as in im always caught observing people's private moments and commotions and stuff and it just SUCKS BALLS because i can't actually do anything about it cause its either i dont know them at all/well enough or it's just not my place....:( it also really sucks when you over-hear other people bitching about people you know(& like)...uhm that's a BURNER and not really that often ;)

So i've come across some sites lately and OMGOSH i really want to get this dress for like...formal thingo

THIS DRESS: (first one on the left)

but i have no $$$ :( and it's really pretty too!

***or lookie here: (it's the first dress)

I especially like the ruffles and how it creates a sort of tail at the back & the petticoat (underneath) is so cute too! :D

Have you guys heard of the movie PUSH ? It came out this year.....february? It looks cool...about a guy with telepathic/mind powers :) i love superheroes! especially the ones like telekinetic, empathic (though sometimes its annoying), pyros, telepathic, etc... :P

would someone like to help me in chem? like...motivation? T___T

now that it's year 12 i am so tempted to just drop out, get a job and stuff- mainly hermit stuff....but i really like the prospect of going to university and driving a car around uni and getting maybe a temporary apartment (if i go to a uni far away) and living close to a grocery store and cooking and trying out recepies that no one else will eat and hanging out with friends... :) it's a pretty simple dream of mine~!

Winter's here and so is the need for new clothes! ^__^ i wanna try the vintage look ;)

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