Thursday, April 23, 2009

Uhm. Just blogging to keep (non-existent) readers updated. Lol.

So these past 13 days i have done nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing and OH! nothing. Totally unproductive and seriously i cannot get my "groove" back on :(

Hopefully you guys read my email =_= and thanks to those who replied :) Your contributing ideas has helped me quite a bit~! Hopefully i'll finish my draft before Monday and my assessments before Tuesday :) Pray for me?

So i finally got my pretty sechuna stuff last week? They're really pretty hehe! And i've already worn it out! i just can't help myself :) I'm also spending money waaaay before i get it and im so tempted to just splurge on pretty makeup even though i don't wear EVER.

Uhm, been catching up on Supernatural (again) and Scrubs and movies :D I still have to watch F&F4, Monsters VS Aliens and some others that i dont think are out yet :)

Went to Kae on Monday and it was cool beans but didnt do much other than that. Hrmm, the city has lost its appeal to me and i have a distinct feeling its because i don't know how to enjoy it with some peoples :/
Yes i am a loser! :) Re-arranged my room last last week and OHGOSH it tool forever but know its so comfy that ive been hibernating pretty much all week in there ;) Am also trying but failing to be more "social" on holidays but it always fails. So does trying to work ahead/prepare ahead and studying when not TOLD to. Sucks bro.

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