Friday, April 10, 2009

tired beyond tired

Right, supposed to be doing a practise paper right now because OMG a trial exam tomorrow but yeah bro, whatever~

Ohkay so seriously i am spending so much money lately. I need to save! so i can go to Korea at the end of the year because what am i supposed to do over the summer holidays if there's literally NO ONE to spend it with?! i mean everyone at H.A. is going freaking America and Canada and so are all the St. Pat's peoples and i'm betting that all the E.H are going asia (HK, vietnam, Burma- whatevers!) so seriously I AM NOT JOKING! So far i have only $200 saved so i need to get cracking. and i am NOT going to rely on my parents because i'm already abusing it already. :(

Apparently i am currently increasing my EQ :D

IS ANYONE INTERESTED IN BUYING A BIGBANG POSTER?! It's FRIKING HUGE and it's going for AUD$15. It's an official one, came with BB GLOBAL WARNING but i don't put up posters of people cause they creep me out :P. Let me know if you want it and i'll just sell it to ya <3

Sometimes i hate being a dumbass asian. It is depressing.


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