Friday, April 03, 2009

blergh *vomit*

I'm currently at a crisis; well experiencing multiple crises anyways.

On the one hand i'm completely stressed about the exams coming up. but on the other hand i can't give a shirt cause i'm so fed up with studying. And this people is why i started studying so early. Which will do me a fat load of help since i *still* haven't finished biology yet. SAD huh? :(

Anyways so i WASTED FOUR DAYS this week by not studying and just lounging around because you know- SICK OF STUDY and STRESS D: Fortunately i'm on my LAST COUPLE OF BIO DOT POINTS so heave ho! i'm nearly done :) except evolution is a pain in my ass because damn it WHY do i have to EXPLAIN the shiet? you learn it in yr 9/10 why do we have to learn it again???? T____T

Maths cramming shall begin tomorrow morning. I'm gonna trek it to the library and max out with my pretty new Cambridge maths 2unit textbook :) and bio of course~ Hopefully i don't get distracted by research for ext 2 english =3=

Onto other news; i found my formal note yesterday. Completely forgot about it and just realised that if i wanna bring anyone (a chick peoples- from an old school) i have to ask before wednesday next week. Which is SUPER GHEY and thus, i cannot be fudged. :D I don't even feel like going anymore. POINTLESS. the only reason im not definately not going is cause i wanna get a pretty dress! *see the main pic for today? I've been stalking pictures of dresses and online websites and OMGUH! If we had a prom i'd be 0_0" and super in debt by now! But no offense to others but im not too keen on america~
Also found this site ( that sells HANBOK FUSION DRESSES. They're really pretty~ You should check em out girlies :D I think it would be worth the price cause lookit the material quality <3!!

Following on~ i've been increasingly hungry for the past week. Especially the last two days. Cravings come and go and dammit i ate like non-stop since 1130am! First, i had bibimbap noodles (homemade!!!) then chips then bowl of rice with veggies, beans and chicken then more chicken and a cucumber. Then had dinner and then some chips again- was tempted to eat more but i was okay and NOW i CRAVE OPORTOS! i LOVE their bondi burgers and their chicken and chilli *drool* i want subway too....a meatball sub with lettuce, cucumber, onions, capsicums and maybe some jalapenos, olive? <--though i don't like them elsewhere....ohemgee i am salivating. =_= Mum says that maybe it's cause i'm growing (which is like WTF?! cause damn it if i am it's UBER LATE! D<)

So anyways shall be trying to work hard and study hard :) Will hopefully sate my hunger with LOADS of bondi burgers and meatball subs XD

Oh i had an awesome bus driver today too! Instead of it taking normally 1.5hrs to get home it took him only 30mins! and he was even late to the bus stop. I LOVE the bus route now :D

PS. i watched DREAMGIRLS ahhh such a good movie....:D very sad (made me cry) and emotional and awesome! Check it out~

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